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Most realtors pay way too much in taxes. We have strategies that will save you thousands!  With the complexity of the tax law and the demand on your time being a real estate professional you just don't have enough time to ensure you are minimizing your tax liabilities.  You should put your tax and accounting into the hands of the professionals.  We specialize in tax returns for realtors so we know the best strategies and deductions for you.  You work hard for your money, keep more of it!


What is an S corporation?
Unlike an LLC or a C corporation, an S corporation is not a type of business entity. The S corp. designation refers to the way a business has chosen to be taxed under the Internal Revenue Code.

S Corp. vs. LLC: Tax Benefits
For tax purposes, the IRS classifies businesses as sole proprietorships, partnerships, C corporations, or S corporations. There is no "LLC" tax classification and, therefore, LLCs are taxed as though they are another type of business.

The IRS automatically taxes single-member LLCs as sole proprietorships and multi-member LLCs as partnerships. But an LLC can also choose to be taxed as a C corporation or as an S corporation.

What's the difference between sole proprietorship LLC taxes and LLC taxed as S corp.taxes? For many small businesses, the main difference is in the way business owners pay Medicare and Social Security taxes—also known as "self employment taxes." Some LLC owners can save money on these taxes by choosing S corp. taxation.

If a Single-Member LLC Is Taxed as a Sole Proprietorship
The LLC member reports business income and expenses on his or her personal income tax return and pays personal income tax on company profits. The member is considered self-employed and thus is responsible for paying Social Security and Medicare taxes on those profits.
(As of 2018, self-employed individuals pay a 12.4 percent Social Security tax on the first $127,200 of income, and a 2.9 percent Medicare tax on all income, with an additional 0.9 percent Medicare tax imposed on high earners. Employees are subject to these same taxes, but the employer pays half and the employee pays half.)

If a Single-Member LLC Is Taxed as an S Corporation
The member can be considered an employee of the business. An owner-employee must be paid a reasonable salary. The LLC will report the salary as a business expense, and the owner will report both the salary and any remaining business profit on his or her personal tax return.

However, unlike the sole proprietor LLC owner who must pay Medicare and Social Security taxes on all profits, the S corporation and its owner will only pay these taxes on the owner's salary. The remaining profits are not subject to these taxes.

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